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The Technology of the Arris™ PHD and the Arris PHD Plus
The advanced technology of the Arris PHD allows optimal placement of not one, but two State-of-the-Science Directional Microphones. This allows your PHD to minimize sounds coming from one direction, while optimizing important sounds coming from another.

In other words, the PHD helps you hear speech sounds more clearly over and above normal, everyday background noise.

This technology, combined with the all-new “Open Fit” design, gives you the perfect combination of versatility, convenience and performance.

The Arris PHD Plus is the culmination of years of research and development. The PHD Plus protects listening quality for you at all sound levels, thereby minimizing fatigue while maximizing speech understanding.

New advances have led to ground-breaking innovations. The PHD Plus has a new and improved dynamic feedback system. Feedback whistle has been virtually eliminated.

The PHD Plus Link is paired with the Streamer, a device that automatically collects signals from other electronic devices, such as cell phones, home phones and televisions and transmits them directly to the instruments. All this is accomplished through Bluetooth technology. Click here to learn more about the Arris PHD Plus

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